Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pass it On

There is an honor and privilege to have such a wonderful person on my poetry site "Metamorphosis".This can be the beginning of world peace if everyone reads this and passes this free ebook on.  Please go to the bottom of the website below and go to his ebook!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Wendy Had No Wings


This is the story of a bird named Wendy that lost her wings!

 Summer was a fine time of the year for Wendy.  She could fly about all day; stopping here and there for a berry feast.  All that flying gets one pretty hungry!
Wendy loved everybody and everyone loved Wendy.  A kinder bird you would never meet!

She had many friends and was grateful to have such wonderful birds in her life.
When Wendy’s friends were sad and needed a good friend to cry to, Wendy was the one.  Never did she discipline them and tell them “you should have done it this way and not that way”!  Her cute little ears were only there to listen and her great big heart grew bigger and bigger each day. 
Wendy would wrap here wings around them and cry along.  She could not stand to see them sad.

 Summer was coming to an end and fall was approaching faster than Wendy wanted.
She did love the autumn breeze, the rainbow leaves and oh did she love the pumpkins that were waiting to be picked and eaten!
“What a wonderful day to go flying”, said Wendy.  “I think I will go this way for some new scenery”!   Wendy decided to go for a fly in the sky on a beautiful sunny day.
She decided to go higher getting a better view of the pumpkin field below.
“Wow”!  Look at all those pretty orange balls”   “I am coming down for a landing to eat a gourd or two” exclaimed Wendy.  Wendy was so excited to see all those orange beauties that she did not see the hawk ahead.  Before it was too late, the huge bird bit her wings off.
Swirling to the ground she got very dizzy.  “I am going to die” screamed Wendy, but as luck was there, a big hay stack cushioned the fall.

 Falling with such speed she was stuck deep inside the hay.  “If I wiggle and wiggle and wiggle, that will surely bring me to the top”, said Wendy.
Something felt very funny to her.  Looking at her back, there were no more wings; just two little holes.  “This is a long way back but I still have my feet”, said Wendy. And walk she did.  Walk and walked and walked.  Finally home was in site.

Wendy was not singing herself to sleep this night!

 Wendy was very worried.  “Not having wings how will I fly when winter arrives”!  cried Wendy.  “There will be no food too”!  “I am so scared”!  said Wendy.
Mrs. Sun and Mr. Moon were so pretty, the flowers, the field mice running back and forth hiding their food for winter.  All these things Wendy looked forward to, but on this night, it no longer made her smile!

Her home was no longer hers.  Not being able to fly, Wendy could not reach the tree tops now!    The ground with autumn’s crunchy leaves will be her new home! 
Her friends stopped by the next morning hearing the news.
Wendy was crying and was embarrassed to tell her friends she had no more wings, no more food and no more home!
But unlike Wendy, her friends would not hear of this and told her things she did not like.
No wings were wrapped around her only a heart that hurt!
 Weeping so loudly, her best friend Teetee heard her crying.   She flew so fast to see her friend, Teetee could hardly breath!  “Wendy why do you cry so hard”, exclaimed Teetee.  “Teetee, I have no wings, no home, and no food”!  “Don’t cry my little friend”  “I am here to help you”, said Teetee.
And the two best friends sat together and cried until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Wendy felt kind of funny.  Her back kept on itching her and her chest was warm.  “Teetee, what do I have on my back”, said Wendy.  Teetee could not speak!  Her eyes filled up with tears, but this time with tears of joy! 
“Wendy, you are not going to believe me but there are new wings growing where the old ones were”, said Teetee. “I feel so funny”, said Wendy.  All of a sudden Wendy’s little body grew and her brown feathers turned all white with the most magnificent wings.  They were wings of an angel. 
Wendy became an angel.  Her heart was so big for others even when they were cruel to her, she stilled forgave them and loved them so.
Teetee touched Wendy’s beautiful wings and Teetee grew wings of an angel too.
 Teetee was an angels with no wings and because her love was so pure, she was finally given here wings! 
They were the prettiest angels holding each other’s hands as they flew up, up, up, until heaven’s gates were in view.
Now Wendy had wings, a new home, and plenty to eat and Teetee by her side.

 Always be kind to one another even your enemies.  We should not be mean and unkind as others can be.  Have understanding, patience and love, for then we will be rewarded on Earth then in Heaven!

Love is the strongest magic that no one can break!!!

Copyright laura laveglia 2013







The Crow and the Girl


 The crow’s raucous voice heard numerous times
On this night there was an air of apprehension
A warning is told, but only if you are tuned to natures heed!

 It was the 1800’s living as prostitute was a dream or nightmare
Live was not a picnic
Girl of young years uneducated and pretty
What else do I know what to do but to screw very well!
Watching mama and papa all these years
Brought to my young mind this is the way of life!
So here I am, a Victorian woman of the eve

 Crossing this bridge became a way of life
Countless times brings into a world of countless dreams
It is five o’clock in morning
The old wives called it the dying of a crow
An explanation can’t be understood
Tiny hairs on arms are erect as familiar hard pole

 The heart pleads not to enter
I drip with most fragrant desire
Just why not one more time!
This has been heard too many times in my head

 A night of ecstasy
Shillings fill my pocket
I dream of the market with all its goodies
Crossing over going back home
Legs unsteady ,because door was left open too many times
There is a crow, but not just some crow
Can’t explain the feeling, I felt tonight
 Screeching something about a man called Jack
Could it be a vision of love tonight?
If only I would have listened more carefully!

 Suddenly the air becomes thicker then the fog
Feelings of vomit fill the mouth
 I am scared!
Approaching is a gentleman of a lovely air
Convincing myself that is all that is there
We cross each other’s path as he tilts top hat
Batting my eyes ; feel the moisture once again between legs

He stops and the tingle continues
There is something shiny glinting in the dark
A coin for thy?
Oh how smitten I deem
He put his arms around
Feeling his hardness, a smile becomes a part of me
Suddenly feeling faint; wetness, but not of the womanly type
Again, and again he stabs at me
A more sickening sound I have not heard!
It was a knife that shined!
Oh why couldn’t I see!

He cut out my heart and my last breath

 Why did I not listen to the crow that night?
He kept screaming “Jack will come to you tonight”!
Stupid me, stupid me!!!







I am so proud to introduce a dear friend Bathsheba's newest novel!
It is an autobiography of a child's tender, developing years.  There are no proper words to describe what horror this little girl and her brother saw, felt, and endured.

Please go to her site posted below read her excerpt, and enter the website purchasing this book that is on hard copy and electronic.
You will not be disappointed as you read this book in one day!!!

Bathsheba Dailey is the single mother of three girls divorcing after fifteen years with their father. She was born in Baltimore Maryland and moved to West Virginia at a young age with her mother and step father. She was soon placed in the states name along with her brother due to abuse. She finally found who she considers her family with her last foster family and they are still her family. She married and stayed for many years before she finally had enough and decided to leave. She then went back to school at thirty three and graduated business school at thirty six. She has had four poetry book released but two have since been retired to be redone. She has just come out with her autobiography “Five Year Old Death” that tells more of where she has come from and who she really is. She loves to fish and do lawn work for fun and spends many hours even playing in her neighbors lawns just because her own looks like a golf course. She hopes with her book she can prove to people that new beginnings can be made if you always keep your faith.  

Five Year Old Death book link http://www.amazon.com/Five-Year-Death-Bathsheba-Dailey/dp/0615841325/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1372348001&sr=1-6&keywords=bathsheba+dailey

FACEBOOK PROFILE https://www.facebook.com/bathshebadailey
FACE BOOK PAGES https://www.facebook.com/AuthorBathshebaDailey https://www.facebook.com/FiveYearOldDeath
BLOG http://beth-frommyheart.blogspot.com/
Website http://www.bathshebadailey.com/

TWITTER https://twitter.com/Bathsheba15
GOOGLE + https://plus.google.com/u/0/101184968789960146323/posts

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today I had the privilege of a wonderful interview with Bathsheba Dailey at New Beginnings Advertising and Publishing.
Below is the site to my interview.  I promise you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the interview!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Owe It All to Poetry



Poetry has not been written for some time

Same rituals were performed

Alias the task was not triumphant


For some it is a war of trapped poison

Gift of poetry releases thousands of spores carried by wind

I am one of them

Having lived life with Cleopatra, there has been much dirt to soil


Tired does not describe what each cell represents

Present life was bed of rusty nails

Then magically offering appeared

Now there is diamonds in one’s eyes


Sparkling box was given abruptly; a fine summer’s night

Yes, there was much confusion

Migraine headaches when the flood gates opened

But now I reflect back and understand the whys

Endowment of painting with words is quite unspoken


Might be last verse put to paper

Bloody ink may never show

Sadness erupts from soul

But a new and improved version stands before

I owe this all to poetry!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

The holidays are approaching once again!  Give the gift of poetry to your loved one.
Follow my link below.


A Happy Holiday Season for all!